Use our 360˚ bid system to separate your enterprise from the competition

Orbidal can drive a transformation in the methods and content you use for proposal writing, to demonstrate your capabilities better than the competition and elevate your scores on a sustainable basis.


Embed winning methods

Whether you’re new to producing bid responses or an experienced practitioner who wants to streamline processes and maximise the quality of your bid, the 11 Orbidal methods will advance your bidding approach. The system guides you through the basics that deliver 60% scores (not enough to win) onto strategic methods that produce 90% winning scores.

Enterprise-wide collaboration

Orbidal is designed to bring teams together around the bidding process, enabling bid managers to draw in the right expertise from across the enterprise and produce the best possible response. All contributors can access the system via a web browser, use personal log-ins and contribute to the sections they own. They can also view progress of the submission and learn from best practice responses and high-scoring bid methods, to enhance the response they produce.

20 years of bidding experience built in

Two factors drove founder Tony Corrigan to create Orbidal. The first, enterprises spending vast amounts of time and money on proposals, when the approach could be much more streamlined and efficient. Second, the dynamic of winning business has changed. It’s no longer your reputation or relationships that win business, it’s the quality of your proposal documentation. It needs to be consistently excellent. 20 years of bidding consultancy have produced a high standards and high efficiency bidding system all enterprises can benefit from.

Bid Capture

Sign up to Orbidal’s public sector tender notification service and bring in opportunities from your own CRM to create a single leads funnel. You can assess your ability to convert each opportunity with another tool the Orbidal Bid Decider.

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Bid Hub

In Bid Hub you can store your Question & Answer Blocks together with proposal assets. These are tagged based on content and quality and your proposal documentation is supplemented by validated, best-in-class answers drafted by Orbidal, ready for enrichment by your proposal writers.

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Bid Writer

Use the Orbidal Bid Writer to create new content blocks for your proposal and to drop in winning content from previous responses, directly into your proposal.

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Bid Manager

This is an intuitive workspace that provides a snapshot of bidding activity at any given time plus full access to all proposals. Team leaders can direct activity where and when it is needed most, driving better outcomes.

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Bid Pursuit

This module includes proven techniques for moving your enterprise from a basic approach to bidding that achieves a 60% score (not enough to win) to a strategic approach that achieves a winning 90% score or more.

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Use our resources to grow your bidding insights


Bidding strategies for sustainable growth: The Roadmap to 90%

A winning proposal is a combination of preparation, competitive positioning, data-driven decision making and articulating a value proposition that resonates with the buyer. It must also be cost-effective and deliver a measurable return on investment to be sustainable.

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Turning bidding into revenue

A winning proposal must also be cost-effective and deliver a measurable return on investment to be sustainable.

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