Bid Capture

Let Orbidal bolster your leads pipeline with live public sector tender opportunities and our extensive repository of past public sector awards that delivers insights on future opportunities.

New markets

  • Orbidal’s bid system builds pipelines of opportunities enriched with competitive insights
Beneficial if you already know your sweet-spot prospects and equally so if you’re looking to expand into new markets
  • Use our simple sign up process to receive regular tender opportunities in your in-box

Advance notice

  • As well as being notified about live public sector tenders, you can start working on opportunities 12 months ahead of your competitors
  • Sign up to the Orbidal Upcoming Opportunity Report which captures all opportunities due for renewal
  • Orbidal is integrated with the leading CRM systems, so irrespective of source, the tender opportunities you want to work on can benefit from the specialist support the Orbidal system provides

Bid Decider

  • Increase your chances of bidding success by only bidding for the contracts you have a chance of winning
  • Orbidal gives you a deeper understanding of where you stand against requirements and what it will take to win

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Our 360 bidding solutions

Orbidal can drive a transformation in the methods and content you use for proposal writing, to demonstrate your capabilities better than the competition and elevate your scores on a sustainable basis.

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Bid Hub

Make your bidding process 100% simpler for you and your team, with one central location for all past tenders and proposals.

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