Bid Hub

Make your bidding process 100% simpler for you and your team, with one central location for all past tenders and proposals.

See how Orbidal Bid Hub saves time for our clients.

Structured online library

  • Content management in most organisations is chaotic, with past tenders sitting on personal computers or disparate servers, and labelled with idiosyncratic names
  • Enterprises using Orbidal enjoy shared access to all past tenders and previous responses
  • Content is there, ready to refine for new opportunities

High scoring templates

  • Strengthen your existing content with access to Orbidal’s high scoring responses
  • Over 200 responses are available for you to build on, created by the Orbidal team using over 20 years of real-world bidding experience
  • RFP templates and sample answers are continually updated and added to by Orbidal experts, based on current procurement themes and using best in class answers

Search and find

  • No more trawling through multiple folders and desktops to locate snippets of previous winning content
  • All proposals are stored in easy to navigate blocks and sections, categorised by meaningful tags
  • Teams have ready access to exactly the right content, exactly when they need it

Health Score

  • Orbidal Bid Hub ranks all responses based on how well they’ve performed in competitions
  • This simplifies your task of selecting which content to use as the base for your next response and enables your team to present the very best version of your business

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Bid Capture

Let Orbidal bolster your leads pipeline with live public sector tender opportunities and our extensive repository of past public sector awards that delivers insights on future opportunities.

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Bid writer

Use the Orbidal Bid Writer to create new content blocks for your proposal and to drop in winning content from previous responses, directly into your proposal.

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