Bid manager

Be in control with the 360˚ view of all proposals that comes with the Orbidal workspace – the interface ensures you have a snapshot of all bidding activity underway at any given time.

Oversee multiple bids

  • Bid managers can create and oversee multiple bids, maintaining visibility of progress and driving activity towards key milestones
  • Enhanced control makes space for multiple bids being manged at once and creates confidence that bids will be submitted on time
  • Enjoy the better outcomes enabled by a well-managed process

Project visibility

  • In the joined-up Orbidal system, team members have clear sight of each other’s contribution and can see when their specialist input is required on individual sections
  • Managers can assign tasks and set deadlines for content creation and also schedule reviews, ensuring timely checks of compliance and confidence you are meeting RFP requirements
  • Track progress with the 360˚ view of all bidding activity to target where attention is needed most
  • Ensure spend, resource allocation, adherence to deadlines and conformance to quality all remain on plan

Shared learnings

  • The Orbidal system is a frictionless user and learning experience that never stands still
  • The platform learns and responds to what you do
  • Register your scores for each competition, to let the platform advise and prompt on suggested learnings and improvements
  • The expertise gained and time saved by using Orbidal enables business development teams to deliver higher scoring tenders at an increased frequency

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Bid writer

Use the Orbidal Bid Writer to create new content blocks for your proposal and to drop in winning content from previous responses, directly into your proposal.

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Bid Pursuit

Orbidal’s strategic framework for producing high scoring responses is embedded into the platform.

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