Bid Writer

Use the Orbidal Bid Writer to create new content blocks for your proposal and to drop in winning content from previous responses, directly into your proposal.

Create in real-time

  • Orbidal’s real-time content editor lets you insert images, PDFs and the most relevant content from your Bid Hub into one master proposal
  • You and your team can collaborate on the master proposal online
  • Best practice, high-scoring responses can just as easily be inserted, ready for your team to tailor to your enterprise
  • Your proposals are infused with the knowledge, experience and expertise of your internal experts and Orbidal’s consultants

Easier collaboration saves time

  • The real-time content editor enables your proposal to be updated immediately without lengthy administrative tasks, giving your team the freedom to collaborate on winning responses
  • Reviewers can leave comments and suggestions at any point throughout the process, ensuring a truly collaborative environment in which ideas are shared
  • This added focus on the customers’ needs and how your enterprise can meet them, leads to better bid outcomes

Export to the required format

  • Once you’ve built your proposal in Orbidal, using your content blocks and templates, export the entire document into the RFP required format
  • Export happens with a simple click, saving you time juggling between different applications as you approach stressful submission time

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