Advance Access are consistently improving the quality of their proposals using the Orbidal Bid Hub

Advance Access is Ireland’s premier provider of Specialist Automation Solutions ranging from turnstiles, revolving doors, parking systems & more, delivering state-of-the-art solutions to Ireland’s largest banks, insurance companies, hotels, government departments, retailers, manufacturers and distribution companies.

The Challenge.

After excelling at traditional ‘outbound’ marketing such as mailer campaigns and then moving into the world of digital marketing with the likes of Google Ads and more, the team at Advance Access were able to achieve success and business growth over the last few years.

There was only one problem. Their competitors were successfully competing for lucrative government and public sector contracts, and Advance Access were not.

The Solution.

After internal discussions, it was decided that the reason they were missing out was because the team were approaching tender submissions in an ad-hoc fashion, and did not have a centralised content management system to enable consistency of proposal quality.

“What we found was somebody would be given the task to produce the response to a tender and then they’d go away and work in a silo. For the next version, someone else will be tasked with writing a tender, they go off in their own little silo” commented Eoghan Connolly, Business Development Manager at Advance Access.

“They would end up copying what the other person is doing without knowing that documentation already existed before” stated Mr. Connolly.

A conscious decision was made to do everything possible to find success with tenders. “We owed that to ourselves, and the business, to be able to say, let’s put a proper effort into trying to do it.”

This is where Orbidal’s proposal management software came into play.

The Result.

“It proved to be successful in a short space of time, simply down to the fact that we were able to get an understanding of the level that our content needed to be at to win business. We’ve evolved lightyears from where we started” said Eoghan Connolly of Advance Access.

Advance Access now utilises the Orbidal proposal management platform to centralise their proposal creation activity, optimising how they compete for business and enabling them to focus on what really matters, rather than starting from scratch each time a new proposal is submitted.

They are consistently improving the quality of their proposals using the Orbidal Bid Hub, and have found recent success when competing against the very companies they previously believed had a lock on all public sector contracts in their industry.


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