Orbidal created a bespoke growth roadmap for Mail Metrics

Mail Metrics is a technology company that delivers a single compliant solution for all digital and postal customer communications. Headquartered in Dublin, it has recently opened a new office in Warsaw to service their ever increasing customer base, primarily in the financial services sector.

The Challenge.

Mail Metrics identified tendering as a key channel to achieve their growth objectives, however they found the process incredibly time consuming. They wanted a framework to work with to up-skill their team, improve their proposals, and ultimately increase their success when bidding.

The Solution.

Orbidal started by creating a bespoke growth roadmap for Mail Metrics which baselined their existing content and made simple suggestions to increase scoring in competitions. The Orbidal technology surfaces meaningful opportunities for Mail Metrics, and guides them to best qualify each one for the right opportunity. The team’s licenses for Orbidal mean they can work seamlessly and collaboratively on their upcoming proposals, resulting in significant time savings.


Using Orbidal market insights, Mail Metrics has identified target prospects and built a greater understanding of the competitive landscape in overseas markets. From this, a successful engagement strategy with new market opportunities has been created, resulting in increased brand recognition and new relationships. This has positioned Mail Metrics as a key player in their target markets.


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