Orbidal provide FUEL with a one-stop-shop for tendering

FUEL is an award-winning event agency, specialising in live, virtual and hybrid events. With almost 50 staff, the team provides innovative and creative solutions to bring national and international brands to life, including Google, Accenture and Paypal.

The Challenge.

FUEL has an extensive private sector client list, but recognised that the public sector channel had potential as a significant opportunity for revenue growth. Because they had little experience with the public sector, they sought an experienced partner that would work with them to strategically embed bidding as a tool for sustainable growth, not just responding to a one-off tender.

The Solution.

FUEL quickly embraced the Orbidal technology, with personalised content reviews and high-scoring templates available to their bid team to get started on their proposals. Insights on different buyers were available from the platform to help FUEL prepare a strategic market positioning and proposal for each competition they were competing for.

The Result.

Guided by the Orbidal technology and team, FUEL now has a vast range of high-scoring proposal content that is not only leading to increased revenue for them, but has allowed them to strategically position themselves with certain buyers and build long-term relationships for the future.


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