Reaching over 90%

An effective set of winning themes, that stem from your value proposition and play out throughout your proposal, drives a score of over 90%. 

Persuade and inform

Preparing proposals is complicated. While you may have all the required experience and expertise and come in at a competitive price, you still need to persuade the buyer you have the best value proposition, in order to win.

Equally, competent writing, nice formatting and pictures are not enough. Your proposals must cater for evaluators with different levels of expertise, interest expectations and perspectives.

Differentiate and influence

Orbidal’s Bid Hub is full of templated answers, honed through participation in over 5,000 competitive proposals to be simple and impactful, yet comprehensive and persuasive.

Base your own answers on these templates and infuse them with win-themes, differentiators and other influencing factors specific to each competition.

Make sure they contain proof points of real benefits that will persuade evaluators towards your proposal.


The larger and more complex an opportunity is, the more likely it will require a winning team assembled of several business that collectively are able to provide the resources and solutions required by the RFP.

Selecting your partners involves a delicate balance of strategy and tactics and while an effective teaming strategy can improve your win probability, a poor one can create serious performance, reputation, legal and financial challenges.

Bid partners

Orbidal’s Repository includes details of over 1.5 million business that have successfully competed for public sector contracts. Our reports categorise businesses based on geographies and types of contacts won, enabling you to shortlist prospective partners that have a proven track record delivering winning proposals.

Reach over 90% with the following Orbidal solutions

Bid Writer

Use the Orbidal Bid Writer to create new content blocks for your proposal and to drop in winning content from previous responses, directly into your proposal.

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Proposal Response Templates

Access an extensive library of professionally written, best practice proposal templates to gain a high scoring head start when preparing responses.

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