Recruitment firms are struggling to differentiate themselves when competing for business. Doesn’t everyone have the same candidates? Isn’t the contract always going to go to the cheapest? Well, yes and no.
An analysis of the best performing recruitment firms across Europe reveals that there are strategies you can employ to establish differentiation and create value for the buyer when competing for a contact. Your competitors are already doing it, which means you need to start investing in your bidding process or risk losing contracts to your competitors.



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    Save up to 30%

    Since signing up to Orbidal, we have saved up to 30% of our time on tenders – meaning more time to run our business!

    Michelle Nolan
    DirectorLex Consultancy Recruitment

    The Benefits of Using a Bid Library

    A well maintained Bid Library is an essential tool for any successful Bid Manager or Bid Team. Utilising a Bid Library is more effective than reverting to your most recent submissions to copy and paste sections to re-use as answers.

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    How Enterprise Bid Teams Can Increase Revenue Predictability by 25%

    Abraham Lincoln probably didn’t have much experience with writing proposals or competing for sales. He was busy being the 16th President of the United States, abolishing slavery and delivering inspirational addresses to the nation during the 1860s.

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    Customer Success Story

    Orbidal created a bespoke growth roadmap for Mail Metrics

    Mail Metrics is a technology company that delivers a single compliant solution for all digital and postal customer communications. Headquartered in Dublin, it has recently opened a new office in Warsaw to service their ever increasing customer base, primarily in the financial services sector.

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    Orbidal help Focus Advertising seek out what opportunities are right for them.

    Focus Advertising is an award-winning full service communications agency based in Dublin. Its clients cover a wide range of sectors and include Kia, MSD, Life Pharmacy and American Holidays. One of its most high profile campaigns was the recent anti-racism campaign for the National Transport Authority.

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    Orbidal provide FUEL with a one-stop-shop for tendering

    FUEL is an award-winning event agency, specialising in live, virtual and hybrid events. With almost 50 staff, the team provides innovative and creative solutions to bring national and international brands to life, including Google, Accenture and Paypal.

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