RFP Bidding Strategies

Our research shows that a winning bid typically scores over 93%, leading us to build our systemised bidding approach that drives scores of 90% and over, consistently. Bid teams can use our Bid Pursuit strategies that enrich planning and your final proposals with competitive intelligence.

Orbidal’s complete winning system has 11 success strategies embedded throughout the software to make your proposal stand out from the competition.

Understanding RFP scores

Reaching 60-70%

Basic compliance with RFP requirements will achieve your enterprise an average score.

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Reaching 70-80%

Demonstrating a good understanding of the customer’s need will raise your score to 70-80%.

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Reaching 80-90%

Sharing strong proof points of capabilities reduces risk in the eyes of the customer and will increase your score to 80-90%.

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Reaching over 90%

An effective set of winning themes, that stem from your value proposition and play out throughout your proposal, drives a score of over 90%.

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