Reaching 60-70%

Basic compliance with RFP requirements will achieve your enterprise an average score. 


At a minimum, your proposal needs to be compliant. The Orbidal system helps you build a compliance matrix ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


Direct responsiveness to requirements should be demonstrated in every section of your response. Draw insights from the Bid Planning tool within Orbidal to help you.

Features, benefits & discriminators

We all know customers buy benefits, not features. Using Orbidal’s Bid Hub, best in class responses and sample answers will help you to present your product or service in a compelling and differentiated way.

Price to win

Your price to win strategy needs to be grounded in competitive intelligence, not simply your own costings. The Orbidal Bid Planning tool allows you to calculate your cost of sale and project delivery costs to calculate the overall project cost. Use the Orbidal Market Intelligence reports to capture pricing information from previous tenders and costing information from previously submitted proposals.

Reach 60-70% with the following Orbidal solutions

Bid Manager

This is an intuitive workspace that provides a snapshot of bidding activity at any given time plus full access to all proposals. Team leaders can direct activity where and when it is needed most, driving better outcomes.

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Bid Hub

In Bid Hub you can store your Question & Answer Blocks together with proposal assets. These are tagged based on content and quality and your proposal documentation is supplemented by validated, best-in-class answers drafted by Orbidal, ready for enrichment by your proposal writers.

Bid Hub

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