Reaching 70-80%

Demonstrating a good understanding of the customer’s need will raise your score to 70-80%.

Understanding customer need

A good understanding of what the customer needs is the backbone of a successful proposal. It should be the brief for your entire proposal process and central to the value proposition you put forward. The Orbidal system contains Understanding of Need templates that illustrate how a strong briefing document is structured and what needs to be included to hit 89% minimum.

Value proposition

Your value proposition gives the buyer the reason to select your enterprise over another. It spells out the core strengths of what you will deliver to the buyer organisation. You can use the Orbidal Bid Planning tool to help your team brainstorm what your value proposition should be.

Customer analysis and competitive intelligence

You need comprehensive customer analysis and competitor research to inform your understanding of need and value proposition. Take a look through Orbidal Insights for trends in your customer’s purchasing, as well as the contracts your competitors are winning.

Reach 80% with the following Orbidal solutions

Proposal Response Templates

Access an extensive library of professionally written, best practice proposal templates to gain a high scoring head start when preparing responses.

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Bid Manager

Be in control with the 360˚ view of all proposals that comes with the Orbidal workspace – the interface ensures you have a snapshot of all bidding activity underway at any given time.

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