Don’t be like Novak. The value of using a checklist when responding to an RFP.

By Lisa Raftery|Jan 17, 2022

We may all feel a little jaded from the Novak Djokovic / Australian Open controversy recently. Should he have been deported? Was the reaction too extreme? Do we care anymore?

There are obvious lessons that can be learned from this episode but one thing is clear, if Novak’s team had a robust checklist when preparing his travel and visa documents, then perhaps it may not have all blown up so spectacularly for him.

Compiling documents and preparing mandatory files are not the stuff dreams are made of, but unfortunately, they are a key part of any RFP submission. In certain contracts, buyers can request numerous company documents, such as financial accounts and company seals, to be included as part of the submission. While you focus your energies on writing high quality content about how your team can deliver and transform the fortunes of the buyer, it’s easy to let some of the less exciting tasks slip through the cracks.


The Orbidal 360º bidding platform enables businesses to store all these important documents in a central, easy to find location. Despite this, we have found that up to 25% of businesses don’t make it past the first round of a competition because they failed to upload or include a document that was requested as part of the process. This is why the Orbidal experts have created a Proposal Checklist. This easy to follow checklist, which is already embedded in the Orbidal software, enforces a discipline amongst bid teams that ensures nothing can be forgotten or overlooked when it comes to deadline time.


The first step in the Orbidal Proposal Checklist is to create a Compliance Matrix for the RFP. This will take some time, but it is time worth investing because it means that each ask and requirement of the buyer is listed and must be manually ticked through before your response is submitted to the buyer. Sounds obvious? It is, but in the rush to start creating new compelling content, it’s a critical step that is often overlooked and can result in your submission failing the first round because of an oversight.

Get your copy of the Orbidal Proposal Checklist here. Novak, your copy has already been sent to your team. Let’s hope we see you in Paris in May!


Lisa Raftery

Senior Content Marketing


Lisa tells the Orbidal story through the voice of the customer. Informing and inspiring businesses to improve their bidding outcomes.

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