Turn a winning bid into a winning habit: Bidding-Capability Maturity Framework ™

By Lisa Raftery|Apr 14, 2022

The advent of bidding technologies has simplified responding to RFPs by making it easier to compile good quality proposals. However, winning bids is now harder than ever before, because with increased participation, it has become more challenging and complicated to create value for money propositions that set you apart from the competition.

Businesses must be able to bid successfully if they are to remain relevant. They must continually innovate their bidding process and deliberately differentiate themselves to keep pace and gain competitive advantage, particularly in the face of the transformation that has been heralded by new bidding technologies. Technology on its own, however, does not create business success – only an effective bidding capability instilled in your organisation that delivers continual improvement and innovation can provide sustainable competitive advantage.

Introducing Bidding – Capability Maturity Framework (Bidding-CMF)

The Bidding – Capability Maturity Framework (Bidding-CMF)™ is a suite of best practices, techniques and insights for assessing and scoring the maturity of the bidding processes of an organisation. Orbidal’s published research has shown that the bidding success is closely correlated with the application of best practices as defined by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). Businesses that consistently score 90%+ when bidding present with more than 23 of these 61 defined best practices.

The Bidding-CMF is used by Bid Managers and Sales Leaders who are responsible for generating value and revenue from bidding activities. These leaders are uniquely positioned to adopt the role of a transformation partner within their business. The Bidding-CMF™ gives them the support they need to devise more robust strategies, make better-informed decisions, and perform more effectively, efficiently and consistently. It acts as a unifying framework that complements other domain-specific frameworks and bidding technologies already in use in the business, helping to resolve conflicts between them, and filling gaps in their coverage. It is a holistic bidding approach that:

  • Helps businesses to develop enduring bidding capabilities
  • Is underpinned by coherent concepts and principles that help stakeholders to agree strategic goals, implement planned actions and evaluate performance
  • Complements other strategies, frameworks and technologies already in use in the business and fills in gaps in coverage.
  • Scales to guide performance improvement across businesses of any size or sector

How to get Started

To build a roadmap of improvement, the first step is to baseline your current bidding capability maturity. Orbidal’s 4-week assessment of bidding capability in a business identifies your use of the key bidding practices and determines roadmap to overcome gaps in capability and increase the overall bidding capability maturity of the business.

At the end of the assessment, the organisation receives a comprehensive report with bespoke improvement plans, practical recommendations and technology roadmap is delivered to your organisation. This is the cornerstone of embedding a winning process in your organisation to allow you to systematically improve your bidding outcomes, leading to increased revenue, higher employee satisfaction and improved cost of sales ratio.

When used in this way, Bidding-CMF ™  provides a holistic view that facilitates the identification of any weaknesses in the bidding function, and helps drive improvement not only in the bidding function, but across the entire organisation.

Bid. Win. Repeat. Grow.

To enable your organisation to bid, win, repeat and grow, complete the form and a member of the team will be in touch to offer more detail on the Bidding – CMF™.

Lisa Raftery

Senior Content Marketing


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