Turning bidding into revenue

A winning proposal is a combination of preparation, competitive positioning, data-driven decision making and articulating a value proposition that resonates with the buyer. It must also be cost-effective and deliver a measurable return on investment to be sustainable.

In the webinar, Orbidal CEO Tony Corrigan will cover:
· Decision Making – When to compete
· Understanding of Need, Win Themes, Proof Points & Value Propositions
· Building reusable content to accelerate proposal development
· Driving continuous improvement through feedback and analysis


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    Tony is Founder and CEO of Orbidal. Tony’s background comprises software development, enterprise sales, IT management and procurement consultancy.

    He started out with IBM and set up his first consultancy company, KOMINO in 2003. Over the next 10 years he worked on hundreds of competitive procurements for buyers and vendors, in Ireland and abroad, public and private and across multiple industries.

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