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 winning proposals. Consistently. Faster.

Orbidal is a streamlined bidding process and continuous learning platform, where best practice insights integrate with enterprise knowledge and proven methods advance you towards higher bid scores.

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Bid, win, repeat and grow

The Orbidal team maintains a best in class bidding system, informed by insights from both sides of the tendering table and driven by a passion to help enterprises of all sizes grow.

Company founder Tony Corrigan has been an adjudicator of bids, held enterprise sales roles and delivered tendering consultancy services to hundreds of companies.

He has integrated these skills with his training in software development and experience in IT management, and together with the Orbidal team is on a mission, to be the bid system all ambitious companies turn to, to bid, win and repeat.

Revenue building and cost effective

  • Develop RFPs into a sustainable revenue stream with a system that enables you to bid, win and repeat
  • Teams gain time to produce more proposals with a higher chance of winning, quickly producing a return on your investment in the Orbidal system
  • People-hours on each proposal are reduced through streamlined processes, saving your enterprise valuable time and money
  • With efficient and high standard systems in place, fewer team members need to be taken away from other tasks to work on your new business proposals, reducing the cost of RFP delivery
  • Greater predictability of revenue enables informed decision-making on hiring more people, reducing the risk of unsustainable investment

Faster, smarter proposal completion

  • Ever-expanding suite of content, tools and insights to advance your enterprise towards higher-scoring proposals
  • Frictionless user experience, enabling quick completion of tasks, shared knowledge and immediate approval processes
  • Responses can improve with each proposal completed, using best practice content, proven methods and insights from pasts wins and losses
  • Machine learning builds knowledge on the constituents of high-scoring proposals, driving further understanding by you
  • Orbidal experts update best practice responses in line with new regulation and changing client expectations

Higher-scoring proposals, consistently

  • Expert methods on achieving consistently higher scores, taking you from a basic compliance score of 60% (not enough to win) to a score of 80-90% where you’re ready to compete and able to win
  • Answer the majority of questions using our best practice RFP responses as the starting point and invest your time saved in the more challenging strategic questions
  • Bring together the insights of your complete team, to collaborate on strategy development and agree priority themes
  • Gain insights on how to develop persuasive narratives, incorporating client understanding, market context, risks, challenges and opportunities
  • Draw down proof points from your past proposals to give tangible evidence of the quality of your solution’s features and benefits

Our clients

Orbidal drives achievement of 90% winning scores for diverse clients with all levels of bidding experience


A discipline and strategic focus for your business development function.

Working with Orbidal has enforced a discipline and strategic focus to our business development function, something that has allowed Cabinpac to cement our leading position and reputation in our sector.

Alan Boyce, New Business Development Manager

The Orbidal system puts bidding excellence at clients’ fingertips and allows more time for first-class strategic responses to customers’ challenges. 

“Too many enterprises are spending unnecessary time on RFP basics we can deliver for them, when they should be pursuing winning scores using our proven methods. Orbidal is a complete bidding system that has helped growth-focussed companies achieve business development goals, time and again.”

Tony Corrigan, Founder & CEO


The right combination of expertise

Meet the team with extensive experience in real-world bidding, procurement and software development and a shared commitment to customer success.

Our team

Tony Corrigan

Tony is Founder and CEO of Orbidal. Tony’s background comprises software development, enterprise sales, IT management and procurement consultancy.

He started out with IBM and set up his first consultancy company, KOMINO in 2003. Over the next 10 years he worked on hundreds of competitive procurements for buyers and vendors, in Ireland and abroad, public and private and across multiple industries.

Tony has become a leading advocate of ‘smart’ strategies for businesses involved in competitive selling.

Adam Clarke

Adam is Head of Product at Orbidal, responsible for the design and maintenance of our award-winning tender management platform. He is an experienced brand expert with over 20 years’ experience heading up senior digital and strategic roles in leading advertising agencies.

Adam has also gained extensive knowledge from working with startups in the areas of brand, design thinking and CX strategy.


Lisa Raftery

Lisa is our Senior Content Marketing team member who is responsible for creating and delivering engaging, value-adding content to our customers and the wider market.

Lisa has worked in a variety of marketing roles in financial services and professional services over the last 15 years and started her Orbidal journey in February 2018 as Head of Marketing. When she’s not writing blogs, you can find her in her Dry-Robe at Burrow Beach in Sutton in Dublin.


Amiain Young

Amiain is our Senior Customer Success Representative and is responsible for building even stronger relationships with our customers by empowering them with the confidence to use our Orbidal 360ø RFP platform. Amiain has an extensive background in lead generation/sales/customer success and leadership within the SaaS industry and uses her experience to ensure her customers and team are set up for success. She also has a degree in Business management as well as a Practitioners Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience.

Outside of work Amiain is passionate about keeping her mental and physical health in check, so when she’s not sitting at her desk you will find her either out running, weight training or playing hockey.

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