What makes a winning proposal? Meet Orbidal BidSpace

By Lisa Raftery|Feb 10, 2022

Orbidal, the bid management platform driving RFP wins for business, is today launching a new product release as part of its journey partnering with some of the most successful companies in Europe to increase revenue streams. Designed to direct businesses to think strategically about their proposal management, customers using the Orbidal platform have seen their proposal scores increase by an average of 30% over 12 months.   

Tony Corrigan, Founder, and CEO commented: “Companies are now asked to submit a proposal for a contract they’ve had for years. As the professionalisation of procurement processes takes place in businesses, we are seeing a matched professionalism in the quality of proposals and responses being submitted. Businesses need to recognise that simply answering the questions asked rarely results in a win. This means if you’re looking for new revenue streams it is well worth looking into bid and proposal management software to take your business to the next level. 

BidSpaceTM is a new suite of bid management tools on the Orbidal platform designed to bring customers on a strategic journey as they approach their proposals, with the ultimate objective to create differentiation and a competitive advantage in their responses. Through this unique functionality, BidSpaceTM instills a discipline that encourages customers to analyse their buyers, their competitors, understand their competitive advantage, assign tasks, project manage and create and write their proposals with bid document examples all in one place. 

Many tools exist such as proposal templates to save time when preparing proposals, but few improve the quality of the proposals. With a win rate of 75%, the team at Orbidal, using the APMP ‘Focus on the Customer’ strategies, have created an intuitive bid management platform that compels the organisation to up-level content, consider the strategy behind the proposal and implement key points of differentiation that will drive increases in the final score. 

In 2021, Orbidal’s customers won a combined €105m in new revenue streams through bidding for contracts. Corrigan continued: “These businesses know that to win a contract. You need market analysis, data insight, and win-theming before you put pen to paper. That’s what Orbidal does – it prescribes the process and discipline to ensure you are creating differentiation at each stage of the process, thereby increasing your scores.” 

This tool is for every business competing for public and private contracts. For businesses that want to win contracts and drive sustainable growth, investment in bidding and content enhancement tools is critical. To discover how Orbidal can deliver impact to your business through improving your RFP scores, book a demo of the platform to see BidSpace in action. 

Lisa Raftery

Senior Content Marketing


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